Helpful Tips

Send Your Message

Perhaps the most successful Billboard campaign in history, McDonald's Billboards are still going as strong as ever. How many times have you stopped at a McDonalds in your life? Their billboards effectively do two things; They tell you where they are and they brand the McDonald's image. Big red billboards with dancing french fries, golden arches and directions to their nearest location. The message is sent quickly and effectively, every time.

Keep It Short

Research has shown that people are most likely to recall billboard advertisements that have seven words or less. And you want to make sure that those seven words arent all in the same place. Think of it like remembering a phone number. A phone number is seven digits but those seven digits are always broken up by a dash. This helps us remember them by grouping them in threes and fours. Do the same thing with your billboard advertisement. A long seven word message is probably not your best bet. Send your message quickly and get out of there. If you brand your image well through the use of contrasting colors and memorable images, you may not even need the words eventually. But even if you're giving directions to a local restaurant, keeping it short still applies. "Next Exit, turn left". Keep it short. You want the message to sink in.

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Placement is Key

Knowing where your target audience will be is the key to putting your advertisement in front of them. Commercials used to be a more useful medium for reaching customers but the days of tivo and netflix have changed the landscape. Now people can skip over a perfectly placed advertisement and the message is missed. Because of this, billboards are going stronger than ever. Place your billboard in high traffic areas for maximum exposure. You know where the traffic is going to be, and they won't be able to change the channel. Many people also drive the same route repeatedly, meaning they'll see your billboard advertisement regularly, making it more likely to stick in their minds. Call (866) 604-2982 for a direct quote.