Digital Billboards

Digital Billboards are a major advancement in Billboard Advertising creating countless new opportunities for the advertiser. Benefits include:

  • Streamline Styling
  • Superior Graphics
  • Incredible Versatility
  • Maximize your advertising budget
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Digital billboard advertisements can be changed much more quickly than ordinary billboards. Digital Billboards also have the unique ability to display multiple advertisements in a short period of time. The constantly changing texts ensure maximum impact and wide exposure to target audiences. Studies have shown that over 80% of those polled recalled images they saw on an outdoor digital sign.

Superior Graphics

Digital technology has become so sophisticated that the picture on your television seems to be more clear than real life at times. This same technology has been used to create digital billboards with incredible clarity and sharp, crisp lines. Advertisers who use digital billboards can use this image quality to create the biggest and most beautiful advertisements available anywhere, dramatically increasing the appeal of their product.

Maximize Your Ad Budget

Although Digital Billboard Advertisements are generally more expensive than other types of billboard advertising, they carry with them a key advantage. Whereas standard billboards only allow for one advertiser in any given time period, digital billboards offer far more options. Instead of being forced to advertise 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in the same space, you can share time with other advertisers. This can allow you to stretch your advertising dollars and give you a quality advertisement where you want, when you want, at a price you can afford.

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Digital Highway Billboards

Digital highway billboards are difficult to miss. Digital highway billboards can be one of the most effective forms of advertising directly to your target audience. On many heavily trafficked highways you can hardly escape digital billboards. That's because digital highway billboards work. They deliver your message on a big bold canvas. Companies hoping to get exposure on a grand scale need to look no further than highway billboards. You know exactly where the audience going to be and they will not be able to miss your advertisement. Renting a billboard in is easier than you might think. Simply call us at (866) 604-2892 to speak with someone about your digital billboard rental.

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Digital City Billboards

Digital city billboards are the crown jewels of billboard advertising. They can be custom designed to fit almost any location that allows for billboard rentals. Beyond just advertising, these advertisements can greatly enhance the look and feel of a particular environment. Because their graphics are so clear, Digital City Billboards provide an unparalleled opportunity for advertisers to reach consumers in with a flawless image they can be proud of.

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Digital Billboard Sizes

Digital billboard sizes can be referred to in two different ways. They can be referred to by the number of sheets (the less sheets the smaller the poster) or they can be referred to by their more common street name. The chart below gives all sizes of digital billboards we offer.

Billboard Type Size (In Sheets) (In Feet) (In Meters)
Bulletins 96 Sheet 14'w by 48'h 4.25m w by 14.4m h
Squares 80 Sheet 25'w by 25'h 7.5m w by 7.5m h
Panels 72 Sheeth 12'w by 25'h 3.6m w by 7.5m h
Spectaculars 96 Sheet 14'w by 48'h 4.25m w by 14.4m h
Large Billboards 64 Sheet 26.67'w by 10'h 8m w by 3m h
Medium Billboards 48 Sheet 20'w by 10'h 6m w by 3m h
Truck Advertisements 16 Sheet 6.67'w by 10'h 2m w by 3m h
Bus Stop Posters 6 Sheet 4'w by 5.8'h 1.2m w by 1.75m h
Taxi Top Billboards 4 Sheet 5w' by 3.33'h 1.5m w by 1m h

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long do Billboard Rentals last?
While some markets do vary, the majority of our affiliates rent Digital Billboard space in 4 week increments.
Where Should I put my Digital Billboard?
Digital Billboard placement depends largely on the needs of the advertiser. If you are looking to immediately convert viewers into sales, your ideal digital billboard placement will be relatively close to your business . If brand awareness is your key goal, proximity to your product is not nearly as important as reaching high volume target demographics. Whatever your individual needs, our team of experts can advise you on the placement that will most benefit your business.
How effective are Digital Billboards?
Digital Billboards are the most effective form of billboard advertising. Customers who view digital billboards versus standard billboards in the same space showed a 15% increase in ad retention.
There's a Billboard I want, how do I rent it?
To check availability and pricing for specific digital billboards in your area, call us directly at (866) 604-2892

Speak to a live rep:
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