Billboards in Edmond, OK

Billboard Advertising in Edmond, OK

Our outdoor media affiliates offer a large variety billboard advertising in Edmond. We match you with the perfect billboard for your campaign and help you save up to 20% on every Edmond billboard rental.

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Highway Billboards in Edmond

What We Offer

Billboard rentals in Edmond, OK are the ultimate way to shine light on your business. Unlike commercials or magazine ads, you cannot flip the channel or turn the page on a billboard. Generally placed along highways and busy streets, billboards can quickly catch a person''s attention and create a lasting impression.

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Advantages of Billboards in Edmond


Billboard advertising offers product showcasing unparalleled by any other advertising vehicle. Grand canvases and cutting edge technology allow you to present your business in the best possible light on the biggest possible stage. Not only will viewers notice your billboard advertisement in Edmond, they will be left with a lasting impression of quality and inspiraton.


One of the biggest factors in determining the success of any billboard rental in Edmond, OK is viewers ability to remember the advertisement. Numerous simple slogans have been used over the years to brand businesses big and small alike. Although billboards provide enough area to put innumerable words, it is always a good idea to keep your message short and to the point. Combine this with your own effective color schemes and flare and your product can soon become a household brand.

Target Demographics

The audience for billboard advertising in Edmond, OK can be broken down into key demographics useful for any advertiser. For the same reason you are unlikely to see a preview for a children's movie at a movie that is rated R, there are some places that offer audiences that are not useful for every advertiser. By consulting with our trained demographics experts, you can have the billboard in Edmond that will most benefit your particular business.

Edmond Indoor Billboard Examples
Edmond Large Bulletin Billboard

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Billboard Advertising Pricing in Edmond, OK

Billboard Size
Billboard Rental Duration 8 sheet (60"w x 80"h) 32 sheet (160"w x 120"h) 48 sheet (240"w x 120"h) 64 sheet (320"w x 120"h) 96 sheet (480w" x120"h) Bulletins (576w x 168h")
4 Weeks $268.28 - $670.7 $670.7 - $1788.54 $894.27 - $13414.05 $894.27 - $17885.4 $1073.12 - $22356.75 $1341.41 - $26828.1
8 Weeks $536.56 - $1341.41 $1341.41 - $3577.08 $1788.54 - $26828.1 $1788.54 - $35770.8 $2146.25 - $44713.5 $2682.81 - $53656.2
16 Weeks $804.84 - $2012.11 $2012.11 - $5365.62 $2682.81 - $40242.15 $2682.81 - $53656.2 $3219.37 - $67070.25 $4024.22 - $80484.3
6 Months $1609.69 - $4024.22 $4024.22 - $10731.24 $5365.62 - $80484.3 $5365.62 - $107312.4 $5544.47 - $134140.5 $80484.3 - $160968.6
1 year $3219.37 - $8048.43 $8048.43 - $21462.48 $10731.24 - $160968.6 $10731.24 - $214624.8 $11088.95 - $268281 $160968.6 - $321937.2
Edmond, OK

Billboard Impact Calculator

Population: 84,885

Viewers: 50,931

Retention: 41,254*

*Ad retention is the estimated number of viewers likely to remember your billboard advertisement in Oklahoma County based on our latest polling data.

About Your Campaign

Short term billboard rentals in Edmond, OK can be extremely effective. Edmond has a poplulation of 84,885 people. With that in mind, many times a campaign with a limited budget can make use of a few properly placed billboards in Edmond and see instant results. Creating awareness is obviously a major key to getting customers. But creating awareness at the right time so that your viewers takes action and patronize your business is far more difficult. Billboard Advertising in Edmond makes that happen. Just a few billboards in the proper locations in Edmond and your business will feel an instant impact.

Billboard Exposure in Edmond